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Innovation & Technology

With our commitment to advancing innovation and technology, Dionamix Scientific Inc. is your trusted partner for your analytical needs. Explore our advanced product range and elevate your scientific endeavors.

Our Patents & Innovations

Dionamix's patents encompass innovations in various aspects of chromatography and related technologies, highlighting advancements in pump structures, detectors, flow-through cells, gradient control, and peak determination. Each innovation contributes to enhancing the accuracy, efficiency and capabilities of chromatographic systems in various applications such as research. 

Our high-performance liquid chromatography system is equipped with a flow-thorough cell and the infusion pump has a plungger-oriented structure in the pyumphead. These features improves the efficent and precisely controls the flow of medication. The flow-thourhg cell provides a controlled environment for the separation of chemical components in a sample. This innovation enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of chromatographic analyses.

Our Collaboration with UBC

Our collaboration with the esteemed Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia (UBC) has allowed us to bring together our expertise in lipid nanoparticle research and UBC’s distinguished faculty and research capabilities in pharmacology. We aim to synergize our efforts to drive innovation and advancements in drug delivery and therapeutic development. Our joint research project in advancing the NanoStation provided us with great insights into making a lasting impact in the fields of nanomedicine and pharmaceutical sciences. 

Working With Dionamix


Working With

Collaborating with Dionamix means partnering with a team of dedicated experts and accomplished scientists who are committed to support your endeavors. 


Tailored Support for Diverse Industries

We take pride in our commitment to tailored innovations. As experts in chromatography and analytical sciences, we recognize challenges within industries like cannabis potency testing. With our help, you can confidently navigate the complexities of such industry.

pioneering technological innovation in science

Pioneering Technological Innovation

We are at the forefront of technological innovation. We have a passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers to drive us to create and develop groundbreaking solutions. 

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