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Analytical Instrumentation

We offer a wide range of tools and devices used in scientific and industrial laboratories to analyze and measure various properties of substances such as potency, concentration, or molecular structure. 


Cannabis Potency Testing, Cannabis Leaves

Cannabis Potency

HPLC is a commonly used analytical technique to determine the potency of cannabinoids in cannabis products. This method enables the separation, identification, and quantification of various cannabinoids present in the sample.

Pharmaceutical Analysis With HPLC

Pharmaceutical Analysis

HPLC is extensively used in pharmaceutical research and QA to analyze drug compounds, purity, impurities and quantify active pharmaceutical ingredients in formulations.

Food & Beverage Analysis With HPLC

Food & Beverage Analysis

HPLC is used to analyze food and beverage samples for quality control (QC), identifying additves, preservatives, vitamins, flvors, pesticides, mycotoxins and other contaminants.

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